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A Sculpture Show

May 23 - June 22

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 23, 6-8pm

C. Grimaldis Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition dedicated to sculpture. With an emphasis on form and materiality, these works reshape our spatial relationships to objects in a way that investigates abstraction and reality. A Sculpture Show features seven artists and their innovative approach to process and scale. 

The artists in this exhibition move fluidly between purely geometric and suggestively figurative work, some referencing the body in form, and some in relation to space.  Jae Ko builds tension through tightly coiled paper, while John Ruppert expresses a similar intensity with the force of gravity as a subject.  There is a connecting theme of opposition, Madeleine Dietz combining and contrasting steel and earth, and John Van Alstine juxtaposing steel and stone. 

Jane Manus, John Ruppert, and David Hayes highlight metal as their medium, showing a range from aluminum and copper, to iron and stainless steel.  In an exploration of scale, Caroline Ramersdorfer expands her material use to include also light and layers of constructed space, bringing the viewer more directly into her spiritual interiors.  The exhibition as a whole focuses on strength and power, while also commenting on the subtlety and physicality of texture and form. 


Madeleine Dietz
David Hayes
Jae Ko
Jane Manus
Caroline Ramersdorfer
John Ruppert
John Van Alstine
Costas Varotsos

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