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Summer ’17

June 22 - August 26, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 22 6 - 8pm

Grimaldis Gallery is pleased to announce its 40th annual Summer exhibition. Encompassing both floors, Summer ’17 continues the gallery’s traditional presentation of a preview of upcoming programming alongside a robust selection of current work by gallery artists.

On the main floor, the gallery welcomes Wesley Clark, Zoë Charlton and 2016 Sondheim finalist Christos Palios to its exhibition program, alongside a wide-ranging cadre of artists whose painting, drawing, photography and sculpture seeks to document our current state of affairs. Many of these works challenge and provoke cultural scripts, often presenting intimate experiences of broad sociopolitical realities. These works chart the subject’s resilience against infrastructure and where personal identity intersects with the state, engaging with beauty and waste, surveillance and candid portraiture, heritage and presence.

The gallery’s project space presents a focused spotlight on contemporary sculpture and wall-works, pairing historic pieces by longstanding gallery artists with recent work by emerging additions to the program. This compact survey interrogates form, craft, and the aesthetic manipulation of industrial material, rounding out Summer ’17’s commitment to an engagement with the conditions of contemporary art and our position in a summer of global change.

C. Grimaldis Gallery is proud to participate in the 2017 Artscape Gallery Network, celebrating the work of Sondheim Award applicants and recipients both past and present.


Zoë Charlton
Wesley Clark
Graham Collins
Madeleine Dietz
Hasan Elahi
Alfonso Fernandez
Ben Marcin
Rania Matar
Beverly McIver
Christos Palios
John Ruppert
Annette Sauermann
Colin Van Winkle
Costas Varotsos
Diane Victor

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