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Back In A Moment

November 10 - December 22, 2016 at C. Grimaldis Projects

C. Grimaldis Projects is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, Back in a Moment, featuring paintings by Ylva Ceder and Gretchen Scherer which depict a series of empty rooms. Parlors, halls and living rooms are united by the sense of presence which pervades them— as if their inhabitants had just stepped away or were soon due to return. These places inhabit a distorted time in which the nature of space is dependent upon our flawed memory of it. Past is confused with present; imagination with reality; living with dead. Are we alone in the room, or was there someone with us all along?


C. Grimaldis Projects is a new space on the ground floor of 523 N Charles Street which seeks to showcase emerging contemporary art practices and experimental programming in dialogue with the 40-year exhibition history of C. Grimaldis Gallery. 

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