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Raoul Middleman / Inside Out: Prints & Watercolors

January 20 - March 5

Opening reception: Wednesday, January 20, 6-8p.m.

C. Grimaldis Gallery opens the new year with a rare exhibition of works on paper by the iconic Baltimore artist Raoul Middleman. Known for his thick impasto oil paintings that capture the unique urban landscape and people of Baltimore, Middleman now translates his vision and skill to printmaking and watercolor.

Raoul Middleman approaches printmaking the way he does every other art form: attacking head-on, without the least premeditation or planning. He has always made prints from time to time, but in recent years his interest in printmaking has deepened. In the new etchings, the fresh approach he brought to his first woodcut, “Forest Edge”, remains unchanged – he attacks the zinc or copper plate with the same zest.

In printmaking, Middleman often works from observation, but just as often will bring to life the images that are teeming in his mind. Working from imagination allows him to put together his favorite obsessions: women, horses, burlesque, and racetrack scenes. From his studio window, he can work from direct observation of the dilapidated streets surrounding the old jail and the “Cloud” mattress factory. In this way Middleman merges the past and the present, combining in a dreamlike way his old beloved and vanished Baltimore with the present realities that surround him.

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