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Extending the Line 3D

April 23 - June 7, 2014

C. Grimaldis Gallery presents Extending the Line 3D, a group exhibition including work by Chul Hyun Ahn, David Goldes, Cheryl Goldsleger, Gordon Moore, Jong Oh, Cordy Ryman, Nan Swid and Hadi Tabatabai. The exhibition explores a multi-cultural thread of geometric abstraction as it is interpreted by a diverse group of contemporary artists that are keeping the conversation alive. 

Each of the artists explore a sensibility that reveals the artist’s hand, thought process and creative use of material, thereby interpreting and adding to the lexicon of geometric abstraction. A panel discussion with Fran Kaufman, Virginia Adams, and Cordy Ryman will be held at the gallery on Saturday, May 17 at 3pm. 

Curated by Fran Kaufman of Kaufman Vardy Projects.

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