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Alexey Titarenko: Venice / Dennis Lee Mitchell: Smoke Drawings

May 23 - July 6, 2013

Smoke Drawings is Dennis Lee Mitchell’s first solo exhibition at C. Grimaldis Gallery. In his current body of work, Mitchell uses smoke as a drawing tool, delicately applying carbon from a lit torch, depositing the soot from the smoke onto paper. While the resulting images evoke human forms or body parts, his imagery remains abstract, striking a balance between the representational and the ephemeral. For the artist, “carbon is both essential for life and the essence of the ephemeral. In my work, it is the result of heat transforming materials. The smoke becomes a vehicle to capture the elusive moment where chance and idea meet…. The images become metaphor for the human condition.”

Venice brings Alexey Titarenko’s recent photographic achievements of one of Europe’s most iconic settings to Baltimore at C. Grimaldis Gallery. Titarenko’s photographs of Venice were created from 2001-2008 and employ the unique stylistic approach found in his iconic work of St. Petersburg, Russia and Havana, Cuba. Evocative of ghosts in the landscape, blurs of tourists and the diminishing residential community heavily populate instantly recognizable shots of Plaza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, and the ubiquitous Venetian canals. The resulting effect is a feeling of timelessness and familiarity, enhanced by the use of photographic film shot through a medium-format Hasselbad camera and traditionally printed as silver gelatin prints.

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