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Current Exhibitions

  • Line of Site: Chul Hyun Ahn & Cheryl Goldsleger

    April 1 - June 20, 2015

    Chul Hyun Ahn and Cheryl Goldsleger explore the real and ephemeral qualities of space in this two-person exhibition of drawings: Ahn’s light sculptures create the illusion of infinite depth, while Goldsleger’s drawings flatten space into the two-dimensional plane by referencing WWI military maps and commenting on the relationship between location and territory. Using strong geometric shapes and lines, both Ahn and Goldsleger allude to the analysis of space and and the construction of perspective. CHUL HYUN AHN was born in Busan, South Korea and is based in Baltimore, MD. He has achieved international recognition for his light sculptures that are informed by tenets of Zen Buddhism, such as the void, emptiness, and infinity. His work belongs in many museum and public collections such as the Margulies Collection at the Warehouse (Miami), the Jordan D. Schnitzer Family Foundation (Portland, OR), Borusan Contemporary (Istanbul), the Hearst Foundation Collection (NY), the Samawi Collection (Dubai, UAE), and the Ian Schrager Company (London). CHERYL GOLDSLEGER is based in Athens, GA and has exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia, PA), among many other national and international institutions. Her work belongs in numerous museum collections such as the Museum of Modern Art (NY), the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Harvard University Fogg Art Museum, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. View Exhibition
  • Carol Miller Frost

    November 19, 2014 - January 10, 2015

    Exploring the luminosity, ambiguity, and relativity of space, Carol Frost’s “Shifting Light” is a body of abstract paintings that explore the physical presence of light. Painting in a reductive manner by limiting her palette to monochromatic color schemes, Frost plays with ideas of optical illusion and spatial ambiguity with layers of hard-edged and dissolving planes of color. At first glance, there is a disarming simplicity to the work, however further investigation reveals a complex pictorial space that can be disorienting, as well as provocative in its negotiation between simultaneous expressionism and reductivism, emotion and intellect. Frost has exhibited extensively throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and at a national level at institutions such as the McClean Project for the Arts (McClean, VA), the Delaware Art Museum (Wilmington, DE), and the Kennedy Museum of Art (Athens, OH). Her work belongs in numerous public and corporate collections including the Baltimore Museum of Art (Baltimore, MD), the Musée Cheateau de Rochefort (Rochefort-en-Terre, France), and the Univeristy of Richmond Museum (Richmond, VA). View Exhibition