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Current Exhibitions

  • Landscapes Into Art

    October 27 - December 22, 2016

    Characterized by a dedication to place, these works transcribe the experience of open space with exuberance and selectivity on scales both intimate and expansive. Local and faraway landscapes feature scenes from the Mid-Atlantic countryside to remembered villages left behind in childhood and surreal apocalyptic projections. The artists in this exhibition often work within a set limit of time dictated by the movement of light, thus infusing their paintings with an awareness of the expanse of a day (or night). In many works we witness the natural begin to fracture, whether by the displacement of memory or in the presence of human traces; a farmhouse, a headstone, an abandoned laboratory on the tundra. A vista can be defined as a pleasing view seen through a long, narrow opening. Occasionally, this frame is present in the work as a window or archway — apertures which call attention to the painting itself as an opening through which a fragment of the sublime may be witnessed. Scenic details are magnified or omitted in the face of vast amounts of sensory information. Through such a window, to quote Eugene Leake, “the paintings that work right are the ones where I’ve found the truth of a given hour.” Featuring: David Armacost David Brewster Henry Coe Aschely Cone Robert Dash (1934 - 2013) Eugene Leake (1911 - 2005) Raoul Middleman Eleanor Ray Giorgos Rigas (1921 - 2014) Nora Sturges View Exhibition