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Current Exhibitions

  • Art Miami 2016

    November 29 - December 4, 2016

    BOOTH D401 Exhibiting Artists: Chul Hyun Ahn Anthony Caro (1924 - 2013) Grace Hartigan (1922 - 2008) Marja Pirilä Joan Waltemath Location: The Art Miami Pavilion Midtown | Wynwood Arts District 3101 NE 1st Avenue Miami, FL 33137 VIP Preview: Tuesday, November 29 | 5:30 - 10pm General Admission: Wednesday, November 30 | 11am - 8pm Thursday, December 1 | 11am - 8pm Friday, December 2  | 11am - 8pm Saturday, December 3 | 11am - 8pm Sunday, December 4  | 11am - 6pm   View available works online on Artsy.
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  • Back In A Moment

    November 10 - December 22, 2016

    C. Grimaldis Projects is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, Back in a Moment, featuring paintings by Ylva Ceder and Gretchen Scherer which depict a series of empty rooms. Parlors, halls and living rooms are united by the sense of presence which pervades them— as if their inhabitants had just stepped away or were soon due to return. These places inhabit a distorted time in which the nature of space is dependent upon our flawed memory of it. Past is confused with present; imagination with reality; living with dead. Are we alone in the room, or was there someone with us all along?   C. Grimaldis Projects is a new space on the ground floor of 523 N Charles Street which seeks to showcase emerging contemporary art practices and experimental programming in dialogue with the 40-year exhibition history of C. Grimaldis Gallery.  View Exhibition
  • Landscapes Into Art

    October 27 - December 22, 2016

    Characterized by a dedication to place, these works transcribe the experience of open space with exuberance and selectivity on scales both intimate and expansive. Local and faraway landscapes feature scenes from the Mid-Atlantic countryside to remembered villages left behind in childhood and surreal apocalyptic projections. The artists in this exhibition often work within a set limit of time dictated by the movement of light, thus infusing their paintings with an awareness of the expanse of a day (or night). In many works we witness the natural begin to fracture, whether by the displacement of memory or in the presence of human traces; a farmhouse, a headstone, an abandoned laboratory on the tundra. A vista can be defined as a pleasing view seen through a long, narrow opening. Occasionally, this frame is present in the work as a window or archway — apertures which call attention to the painting itself as an opening through which a fragment of the sublime may be witnessed. Scenic details are magnified or omitted in the face of vast amounts of sensory information. Through such a window, to quote Eugene Leake, “the paintings that work right are the ones where I’ve found the truth of a given hour.” Featuring: David Armacost David Brewster Henry Coe Aschely Cone Robert Dash (1934 - 2013) Eugene Leake (1911 - 2005) Raoul Middleman Eleanor Ray Giorgos Rigas (1921 - 2014) Nora Sturges View Exhibition