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Hidenori Ishii

“I believe painting is where actuality and possibility meet with one’s intention. As a landfill utilizes the progresses of nature of a long period of time, I’m interested in visual and symbolic dialogue of between man’s intention and nature’s inevitabilities.”

— H.I.


Hidenori Ishii (b. 1978, Yonezawa, Japan) is a New York based painter whose work explores the transformation of environment and how nature and circumstance redefine the space around us, recollecting political and environmental human activity and history while also project- ing possibilities. Ishii’s recent works feature the artist’s signature use of synthetic resin Kuroicoat C-720, a neon green substance sprayed at Fukushima Daiichi after the reactor meltdown in an effort to resist the airborne spread of radiation in 2011. This use of material references disaster sites, where invisible radioactive material weaves itself into the contaminated landscape, changing one’s relationship to the body. Ishii brings this visceral remnant of the physical world into direct contact with the virtual construct, mixing elements of the mental and the corporeal.


Previous exhibitions at C. Grimaldis Gallery:

2017 un•der•cur•rent
2013 IcePlants
2009 A Little Earthshine

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